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If you are new to cycling or just getting on a bike for the first time after a lengthy break it can be quite an ordeal !  Like most things in life  the cycling world and bike manufacture has changed dramatically over the last decade or so .... its not unusual to have 27 gears , adjustable suspension and powerful disc brakes ... but how do you use and get the most out of them ?
I ve been coaching people all my career  .. and people tell me I m good at it !!  for me the best coaches;

1)  Have a real curiosity about helping people solve their own problems

2) Have a plan

3) Have broad Life experience

4) Have broad Business experience

5) Have the Ability to 'shut up' and give the customer / client room and time to think

6) Have the ability to avoid ego conflicts

7) Have Developed their own models from other coaches, mentors and clients

8) Do Practice, practice, practice

9) Give Feedback, feedback, feedback

10) Give Feedback against results, rather than what people say at the time

How do I master my gears ?
Why do I always find it hard going up hills ?
Mountain biking is great fun but why do I keep falling off ? 
How can I be more confident riding in traffic ? 
How can I teach my children to ride properly?

These are just a few of the challenges you may have , I can help you to overcome these challenges wether its through a short theory session or even an accompanied ride. With the correct Coaching you will improve  your cycling skills and enjoy your bike more.